MODELING: Rehab an Older Model

One of my many projects that I am working on is a redo of a model I built over 10 years ago.  It is a model of a Bx-27 AAR boxcar with a Duryea underframe.  The prototype was unique with the application of the shock cushion underframe.  The Santa Fe didn’t use this appliance on many classes of rolling stock.  The map and slogan lettering has always been a draw for me.

The original car project was described on the Proto48 Modeler website  I used an Intermountain AAR 10′ Interior Height boxcar kit as a starting point.  I made a few compromises using this car.  The door tracks are too high on the car side.  This simplified the original tooling.  Most of the effort was focused on rebuilding the underframe to more closely replicate the prototype.

Somewhere along the way I screwed up the weathering big time.  In addition to that the decals that I used had some issues with film thickness.  I just wasn’t happy with the model.  I decided to strip the model of paint.  The paint was Floquil enamel which doesn’t come off easily.  With the help of a friend, I had the model grit blasted to get down to bare plastic.  Now with a clean pallet, I started by repainting the basic Santa Fe brown color. I don’t like the basic color that Tru-Color offers for the Santa Fe.  It is very dark.  I decided to make my own shade starting with MKT brown and a and a little of the Santa Fe brown mixed in.  No it wasn’t done with scientific precision.

As part of the upgrade, I switched to Protocraft trucks, couplers and decals.  I used a threaded  bushing for truck mounting.

The above picture shows the Duryea underframe fairly well.  Notice that the sill steps and grab irons are not typical for AAR boxcars.

The middle of the underframe has some unusual features. The centersill sides back and forward absorbing shock from train motion and coupling. The brake equipment has to be mounted to a separate structure and not the centersill.

The car is a work in progress at the point of this posting.  I applied the Protocraft decal set but have not applied a clear sealer or any weathering.  That is next.  I didn’t paint the underframe black which was standard for the 1940 paint and lettering scheme.  The car number is for the series that carried the Scout train name.

I am happy with the progress to date.   Hopefully, I can finish this in the near-term.

Thanks for the stopping by.


6 thoughts on “MODELING: Rehab an Older Model

  1. Gene,
    For Santa Fe box cars the standard paint spec called for under frame and trucks to be painted black. When repainted, the shops tended to ignore this and the under frame and trucks were painted mineral brown.

    An impressive improvement and upgrade to this car. You are always setting the bar.

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