MODELING: Other Peoples Work (OPW)

This edition will display the work of Lee Turner, Charlie Morrill and Tony Koester.

First up is Lee Turner sharing his work on a Kohs K4s with subtle weathering. Next up is a KTM/Sofue Big Boy.  These models are rare and certainly an excellent candidate for Lee to work his magic.  It now looks like a hard working beast out of Cheyenne.

A customer asked Lee to add a touch of weathering to his Atlas California Zephyr equipment.  He uses a wash over the silver paint used by Atlas.

Charlie Morrill has been in 1/48 scale for a very long time.  He has built a couple of really nice railroads.  One of his early efforts was to modify a PFM C-48 to a Southern Pacific C-28 consolidation.  The conversion is pretty credible and looks darn good.  As with all of Charlie’s locomotives, this engine runs smoothly after rebuilding the drive.  I saw this model first hand in 1980 when I visited his layout in the Houston area.  Now days the Morrills live in Benjamin, Texas (population 258) in northwestern Texas.  Bruce Blalock was kind enough to photograph Charlie’s locomotive.

Next up is a scene constructed by Model Railroader editor, Tony Koester.  It was built to demonstrate O scale and Proto48. Tony had a Red Caboose NKP GP-9  rebuilt by Jay Criswell with a new Proto48 drive.  He also added a few pieces of rolling stock including a Protocraft NKP boxcar and an imported caboose.  The structure speak to geographic location of the running diorama.  He did an excellent job of capturing rural Indiana.

I would like to thank Lee, Bruce and Tony for their submissions.

Hope you enjoyed OPW.



8 thoughts on “MODELING: Other Peoples Work (OPW)

  1. Astounding subtle weathering job on those Zephyr cars! Probably the finest weathering I’ve seen anywhere on passenger equipment. Most modelers decide not to touch their factory fresh passenger car paint. It takes a little bit of bravery, but their models don’t look anywhere near as real as the cars in this shot do.

  2. Great stuff Gene, you know how I like Lee’s goodies. Interesting that Tony K would be interested in O Scale. I hope he stays with it. I tried to visit with him at the NNGC 37 in Denver in September; he didn’t have any time for me. I wish him luck.

    • The 1995 edition of _Model Railroad Planning_ had Tony Koester’s neat trackplans for an NKP Wingate, IN layout: a 2’×8′ straight shot past the depot with stub ended staging on both ends, giving 3 or 4 7-foot trains in each direction. In HO.
      I’m excited to see what he finally builds!

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