MODELING: New Pictures from the Jim Zwernemann Layout

Jim Zwernemann sent me some recent pictures taken around the time of the Austin Eagle NMRA show. His layout is a very popular stop on convention tours of the greater Austin area. Periodic showings serve as motivation to do make progress on the project.

This Sunset Models GE 70-ton diesel is a recent project completed by Jim. He is in the process of retooling his motive power adding more diesels and less steam. The diesel era is something he feels more of an affinity for since it was a period of his early railfanning. The GE switcher was detailed to reflect SP modification such as train indicator boards and of course the imfamous “tiger stripes” paint scheme. Jim said that was a pain to do and likely to be his last.

Here is a nose shot of his GE locomotive sitting in front on the Katy freight station in Austin. This building is a hec of a model in its own right.

Here is another view of this interesting structure scratchbuilt by Jim. The prototype was a landmark in Austin for many years. He used Micro Mark printed brick material for the walls. Cream color stone and brick were common architectural details of that part of Texas.

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