NEWS: Thank You

I have enjoyed all of the comments written about my blog.  It is nice to see the feedback.  Now that we are into the 7th year, I will be adding new material shortly.  I have more material Lee Turner to share with you as well as more on the GATC tank car build.

Keep your eyes peeled for notices of new chapters being posted.


Thank you

Gene Deimling



6 thoughts on “NEWS: Thank You

  1. Thank you Gene, Always look so forward to your blog. I’ve done some business with Lee Turner. Best to you, Ron

  2. Hi Gene. I find your blog very inspirational. Lately I have not had as much free time as I did in the past so I haven’t been tripping your page view counter much, but I always read the e-mailed version. I particularly like any prototype information that you post. Thanks for all your hard work, regards, Paul Woods, NZ

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