MODELING: Santa Fe All The Way

Bill McConnell is the proud owner fof this beautiful ATSF waycar. The modeling is the work of master modeler Lee Turner. Lee used a Pecos River brass import as the basis for this modern caboose. The model is equipped with Protocraft couplers. As with all of Lee’s work, there are weathering accents added to the red paint scheme. The finish shows signs of oxidation and runoff of dirt and grime collected in road service.

The waycar is trailing one of Lee’s own Lehigh Valley cars. They are both stunning models.

By the way, Bill has an incredible GP-9 that he built up the drive with battery. Lee did the finish work on the model. He is the owner of O Scale Turnouts, INC.

Thank you Lee for sharing your work with my blog.



13 thoughts on “MODELING: Santa Fe All The Way

  1. Another great post! Glad the first picture derail of second axle was corrected in subsequent pictures! Keep up the good work!

  2. I’m impressed every time I read your blog. Its all so realistic looking. I hope I can get to your skill level some day.

  3. Love the Geep but I don’t remember doing anything on it. If it’s the model Bill had in Chicago I believe he did the drive himself. If I did work on the model I don’t remember it (seems to be a common occurrence).

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