MODELING: Update on Projects

There are more than a few projects underway on my now cluttered workbench.  As Jim Zwernemann used to tell me ” FOCUS”.  Well, I try but I can be easily hijacked.  I thought that I should bring you up to date on recent stories.


Union Oil Tank Car

I am working on the frame adding grab irons and sill steps on a thin brass sheet that will be attached to the running board.

The sheet metal platform makes it easy to solder the various on the assembly.  The platform will be bonded to the .032″ brass running board assembly.  Thinking ahead I remembered that Protocraft has a beautiful Superior 16″ handbrake wheel.  I dug one out of the parts bin and drilling out one side to accept a .030″ brass shaft.

70-Ton AAR Flat Car Build

Well, I finished up the car with a coat of Star Brand black.  My order from Protocraft arrived with the decal set for the Pere Marquette version of the flat car.


With great excitement, I started to apply the wonderful Protocraft decals.  At a point, I realized that the name Pere Marquette appeared to be too tall and long.  I contacted Norm Buckhart and realized that a mistake was made and the letters and numbers were drawn as 9″ not the 7″ size called out by the railroad.  Norm immediately said that he would fix it and have Microscale rush the fix through.

I was able to remove the offending decals easily.  The small lettering details were just fine so I left them in place.   I do appreciate the williness of Norm Buckhart to correct errors.  He is a rare person in the world of business that backs his products fully.

So that is what I am currently working on these days. Oh yes, I am busy thinning out my book and magazine collecion.  There are too too many things that I have collected over the years.

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7 thoughts on “MODELING: Update on Projects

  1. Gene – I can tell by the things that you do yes and the level of detail that you pursue that you are very creative. I also know from experience that you must been hundreds of hours a month at the workbench and think about solutions and approaches in the time that you are not at the workbench. You do a lot of great stuff and give us all many ideas. Thanks for posting the info.

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