There was a place close to Newark New, Jersey know as NK Tower.  It was the interchange point for Lehigh Valley passenger trains go to and from New York City.   The change of motive power would occur with each train go onto or leaving the Pennsylvania Railroad’s mainline.

In the picture shown above the Pennsy classic GG-1 would handle the Valley trains in and out of New York City.  The handsome ALCO PA-1s would be set aside until the returning train arrived from NYC.

While this scene is 1/48 scale, it captures to beauty of a routine event between two railroads.  It has been gone for a long time.

Lee Turner created the scene using a Kohs GG-1 with light weathering and a Christmas wreath secured to the nose of this magnificent model.   The PA is a conversion of a MTH three-rail model with extra details and classic Turner weathering enhancements.  In the 1950s the locomotives would have been relatively clean as depicted by Lee.

As a kid, I remember seeing this handshake a few times from the rear seat of my parents automobile and once from a New York and Long Branch commuter train.  One of very many railroad memories long gone.

Another look at the GG-1 decked out in Dark Locomotive Green Enamel (DLGE) and pinstripes  The baggage car following was scratchbuilt by Lee.  Love that Cornell Red on the car.

Thank you Lee for bringing back memories of an earlier time.



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