MODELING: Eye Candy from Erik Lindgren

I have taken the liberty of copying several exquiste model photos taken by Erik Lindgren.  He posted them on Facebook so thought it would be nice to share them with you for the holiday season.

Erik is an exceptional photographer, artist and modeler likes to stage his 1/4″ scale models outside on various dioramas.  He is a member of a modular group in the Denver area.  A number of modeler have contributed sections that are combined for local display at malls and hobby events.  I suspect that the group was formed when the great O scale layout in Denver Union Station was closed.

The lead photo was taken outside of his PFM C-48 consolidation.  Not sure I know where the coaling tower came from but it creates a stunning image.

There is nothing more impressive than a large steam locomotive passing by at speed.  This Rio Grande northern makes a handsome portrait crossing the bridge.

Erik likes diesels too as you can see this PSC SW-1 crossing the river.  I love that black and gray scheme.  It was a classic.

Winter in the Rockies creates some stunning scenes.  This is obviously real narrow gauge and not models.

A different subject showing wartime trains and steam power.   The old farm house, elevator and the period vehicles.  The low drivered ATSF mike is moving the priority cargo for the War Department on the Front Range.

Wartime saw many trains of tanks and large calibre artillery pieces.  Here we see a Southern Pacific passenger train passing the millitary train.  I like the vintage effect of the speed of the GS-2 exceeded the capability of the photographer’s camera.   Nice touch!

Hope that you have enjoyed these stunning images from Erik Lindgren.


9 thoughts on “MODELING: Eye Candy from Erik Lindgren

  1. Gene & Erik, Thank you for more than “eye candy”. I would say this is the combination of outstanding photography and excellent models that, sans captions, could pass as the prototype. An excellent holiday gift. Thanks. Lee Gustafson

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