MODELING: Northern Pacific Automobile Car Kit 2.0


Well my plan for advancing the build over the holidays was probably a bit optimistic on my part.  So I did manage to finish the underframe and get it primed.  I did get started on adding details to the car sides.

I use the San Juan Car Company AB brake set on nearly all of my cars.  The prototype added small brackets to the crossbearer and crossmember.  the reservoir is supspended on the brackets.  The piping goes through the centersill between the reservoir and the control valve.  I made a brass bracket to support the control valve.  I anchored one end of the bracket to the floor on the outside.  It was attached the sidesill on the prototype.

The picture below was taken by Rick Leach that shows the bracket and plumbing.

I used clevis that were made by San Juan Car Company with levers that came from Chooch Enterprises.  The piping and brake rodding was done with .020″ brass wire.

I NP used an unusual arrangement to their brake rigging.  A spring was attached to an intermediate lever that pivoted off the centersill.  I used some .010″ brass strip to tie the chain to the clevis.

Notice the color of the underframe parts. It is likely the road sprayed black car cement on the underframe at one time. Lots of dirt deposited on the centersill.

The primed underframe is shown above.  I used Vallejo acrylic urethane paint as the base.  I will Model Masters acrylic dark gray as the final color.

Next time I will work on detailing the sides and ends.

Happy New Year


7 thoughts on “MODELING: Northern Pacific Automobile Car Kit 2.0

  1. Gene, thank you for your beautiful pictures. explanatory notes and all you do to promote P48 top-of-the-line modeling. Have a happy new year!

  2. Very nice. Looks like you could make all work. Great detail and adherence to modeling the prototype. Good mention of the way to weather the underbody. Have a great New Years!

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