WEATHERING: Rusty Old Thing

Modern rolling stock can be rather beat up and in need of paint and repair.  This DT&SL covered hopper is an excellent example of deferred maintenance.    The car shown above is a model.  It is a Lee Turner masterpiece.

Here is Lee’s description of how he transformed a three model into a exquisite representation of the prototype:

This is a Lionel 2 bay hopper from 1993. All grab irons were replaced with wire, the roofwalks were replaced with photo etch and hopper loading hatches and outlet grates were scratchbuilt. The existing graphics were wet sanded to wear through the lettering. The roof was done with Mig “tracks wash”, a dark brownish red and while still wet was dusted with different rust colored dry pigment. The excess pigment was brushed off and some shading and highlights were added with thin burnt umber in the airbrush. the sides had rust chips (Vallejo dark rust) free handed and the streaks were from Mig oil brushers and Mig streaking rust, a brush dampened with mineral spirits blended and extended the streaks. More streaks from the eaves were done with an index card with fine vertical slits cut into it using Model Master Acryl red earth  and red earth mixed with M.M. rust. I was quite pleased with the results even though there are some discrepancies from the prototype it still “looks” right.

This is an amazing example of Lee’s work.   He continues to show new and interesting techniques.   Thank you for sharing.



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