MODELING: Trackside with Lee Turner

Lee Turner continues to amaze with his signature style of weathering and aging.  This time it is a Kemtron brass GP-20 that belongs to Bill M’Connell of O Scale Turnouts.   The Kemtron model was offered as a kit back in the 1960s.  It was composed of etched brass panels and lost wax castings for details.   Lee adorned the model in the classic Blue and Yellow paint of that era.  This is the second model Lee has done for Bill.   With all of Lee’s work you need to study the pictures carefully to appreciate many of the subtle accents applied.  It does look like time has taken its toll on the beautiful Blue/Yellow finish.

I must admit that Lee has made me a fan of this Santa Fe color scheme.  I used to like the old black and silver zebra stipes but not any longer.

By the way, Lee Turner will be presenting a 2-hour clinic at O Scale West on 23 May in the evening. The event is being held at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara.

Thank you for sharing this exquisite model with us.



4 thoughts on “MODELING: Trackside with Lee Turner

  1. Very well done, but not overdone weathering. Impressive! Thank you Lee Turner and Gene for sharing. Turner.

    Rich Bourgerie

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