MODELING: 1940 Ford Tudor

My former neighbor had a ’40 Tudor with a big Ford crate motor and all of the fixings.  It is a beauty.  Looks mostly stock except for the wheels and lowered supsension.  Well, 1/4″ scale modelers once had this iconic sedan available under the label of Renwal and/or Revell.  The kits went off the market and have become very scarce.

Robert Leners bought one about 50 years ago (no exaggeration) always intending to build it up.  Last fall he decided to send it to Lee Turner for the full beauty treatment.

Lee created the effect of many harsh winters in Robert’s home state of Minnesota.   I think the model is amazing given the age of the tooling.  Lee has managed to bring out the beauty of this model kit.

Revell went bankrupt recently and the tooling was purchased by a company in New York called Atlantis.  You might want to ping them about reviving the tooling..


8 thoughts on “MODELING: 1940 Ford Tudor

  1. Terrific finish. I’ve built a number of the models that were 1:48. They are good kits and when airbrushed and taped turn out looking good. I’ve never weathered them however. This is superior.

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