NEWS: The Passing of John Eichman


We lost The Godfather of Indiana p-48 builders on 4/24/2019. John passed mid-day after having lunch with his step-daughter, and preparing to hook-up a new hot-tub that had been delivered. His most recent modeling is an unfinished Mike O’Connell UltraScale NP passenger car, being converted to a Cloverleaf (NKP) parlor car.

John was a consummate fan of the Nickle Plate Road and loved Proto48.  He was an early adopter of the exact scale standard.  Indiana was fortune to have four long-time Proto48 modelers: John Eichman, Warner Clark, Jim Canter and Carl Jackson.  I am sure that this small community had felt the loss.   Carl always talked about his joy of getting together with John for lunch on a weekly basis.  He also mentioned that John had completed equipping his large roster of freight cars with the correct axle size using Grabowski/Protocraft steel wheels. His background in railroading with the Norfolk and Western drove him to getting a basic thing like the right axle size for the capacity of the car.   We modelers often overlook this detail.  Protocraft does offer P48 wheel sets with different axle diameter all the way down to 30-ton.   I have been told that John’s layout ran like a fine Swiss watch.  Trackwork was impeccable as were the drives on his locomotives.

I was fortunate to have met John once at O Scale West.  He was a very helpful person.  Once, I asked him for help on a possible NKP project for Chooch.  John was very helpful in sending me a good deal of information to help with the project.

John was seven weeks shy of his 90th birthday, leaving his wife – Markie, several children from his first marriage; and several step-children. He will be greatly missed by those infected with the p-48 virus and the Nickel Plate Railroad.

Nickel Plate Road
I want to thank Warner Clark for letting me know of John’s passing.


7 thoughts on “NEWS: The Passing of John Eichman

  1. A true pillar our community has passed! John’s model building skills were beyond reproach. He will be missed by family and all his friends.

  2. Hi! I visited John in his home every year in January. A great night of hearing about working on the NKP and all things P48 every year. My annual January trip to Fort Wayne won’t be the same anymore. To show me once that P48 worked we set up a double headed steam freight of about 50 cars and ran it backwards for about an hour while we talked. A great man who was always willing to teach!
    Harold A. Storm in MN

  3. That is a loss for the P48 community. I also had the pleasure of seeing his layout. As you mentioned, his track was impeccable.

  4. Sorry to hear this Gene, I knew John through Warner Clark. I’ve gone to 2 funerals this weekend, and now this. It’s a sad weekend.

    Rich Bourgerie

  5. Here is another fallen leave,said to say!
    Richard Miler: Early pioneer in P-48, his specialty was passenger car R&D furnishing the production industry with data to produce fine equipment for model railroaders
    He died 2 weeks ago in Oregon (info from his son in Albany)

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