MODELING: NP Automobile Car 6.0

It is done!  Lots of delays and diversions including a new puppy.  The project should been done months ago.  Oh yes, there are a few minor things I want to do. Need to add a couple documents on tack boards, paint the air hose coupling and probably shoot some another coat of flat on the model.

The decals were applied and sealed with a clear gloss lacquer.  I then applied a black wash of Vallejo acrylic.  I removed excess using Mean Green and a makeup sponge. This is a method developed by Lee Turner.  I am just a student of his great craft.   To this I applied oil washes and spot highlights on bolts using AMMO Oil Brushers.  I like their dark brown and dirt to add some color variation to the base color and black wash.

Now that this kit is done, I can get back to working on a new layout.

Little did I know how it would challenge my patiences thirteen years after doing the original patterns for Mike O’Connell, Chooch Enterprise owner.  The master was molded in RTV and cast in urethane.   Mike marketed under the name of Ultra Scale II.  These kits in this series were considerably different from the original Chooch car kits.  Sadly, the era of urethane kits may be near the end.  Few modelers are interested in buying and building complex urethane.  This automobile car was near the very end of my work with Chooch on freight cars.  I learned a huge amount working on projects for Mike.   My work included fourteen kits for Chooch, one for Des Plaines Hobbies and three kits for Southern Car & Foundry.  Hopefully, new builders like Ross Dando and Bill Yancey will continue this approach for creating unique and accurate models as opposed to generic plastic cars sold in many incorrect lettering schemes.



Mike George reminded me of an oversight of my posting.  I failed to mention that Jim King of Smoky Mountain Model Works has come roaring back to 1/48 scale with his release of the AAR 70-ton flat car and the soon to be released Southern low side gondola.  Another stalwart is Ted Schnepf who owns Rails Unlimited. He continues to offer a wide selection of unique prototype cars in urethane.  His recent release of the Rock Island and CB&Q stock cars represent a step up from previous offerings.  Southern Car & Foundry is still working on a few new projects for release down the road.  Jon Cagle has been fortunate to have a few new project done by Jim Zwerenmann.  i am not sure when they will surface but be patient.


11 thoughts on “MODELING: NP Automobile Car 6.0

  1. Hollywood has its “Walk of Fame.” We need something similar to honor incredible model rail builders… and guess who I would nominate for that honorable list!

    • No not the Walk of Fame. I am only to happy to see the models built. Nearly all of the projects were cars I wanted for my own collection

  2. Thank you, Gene, for the work on this NP car and for the list of others you have done.
    You set the pace and inspire us, and your explorations broaden our perspectives. Exceptional contributions.

  3. Gene,

    Fantastic! I’d swear I was looking at prototype photos.

    Dan Reagan


  4. Gene, Beautiful model and outstanding work and great photos. Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. I always look forward to seeing what’s new on your blog.


    Rod Souza

  5. I think the model has a lot of character, and does a great job of representing actual aging. Mike’s models, to me, we’re always terrific potential for detail, specific cars. I moved early to Styrene model building and left a number of the early urethane models in the boxes. I first brought them out in the 90’s and bought a disc sanding machine to address the corners and ends but was put off by the different sizes and decided I was not ready to work at fixing them. You have rekindled my interest, so I will have to get back to planning. The finish is terrific and the attention to details is great. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Beautiful work, Gene. Building a kit made from your own masters must have been a real trip! In engineering, we refer to this as “eating your own dog food”!

    I have a Chooch Ultra Scale II AAR 50T 53′ flat to build. Did you do the masters for that kit?

    Regards, Wayne Slaughter

  7. Incredible work sir. I’m just coming back to this from scale modeling. Sorry to hear resin is in decline on the model RR community.


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