MODELING: Lee Turner Models and Da Bolt

Just a reminder, O Scale West is coming to Santa Clara 23-25 May.  The host hotel is the Hyatt and the show is at the adjacent convention center.   I mention this because Lee Turner is presenting an hour tutorial on freight car loads at 8PM on Thursday the 23rd, painting clinic on Friday and freight car load clinic on Saturday.  This is an excellent opportunity to see how Lee does all these wonderful models.

Speaking of Lee, he sent a few shots of two recent projects.

Here is an interesting of two models that create a stunning model.  The flat car is the PSC AAR flat car import which Lee decked out in Erie markings.   He created a load out of a Corgi diecast PCC street car.  Looks like Boston is getting another rust bucket for their collection.

Now that is a real departure from the usual boxcars that he often does. I beieve the model is an Overland brass import that Lee painted, lettered and weathered.  He also populated the interior with chickens.   Lee assured me that the CLUCK name was legit.  I was that it was a bit of his humor shining through.  I like what he did with this unique car.

Here is a closeup of his attention to detail.  Great job!

Looks like the attendant is getting a little fresh air and some liquid fortification.    The model has lots of thought-out details such as the fire extinguisher and shovel.

Thank you Lee.

PS Lee sent me a picture of the car he was modeling.  Well, I’ll be clucked.


I have discussed running boards a number of times in my model projects.  Oh yes, some folks like the term roof walk.  Use what you want but the railroads called them running boards.  I have mentioned that the planks were held to the roof using carriage bolts.  Bruce Blalock, a retired railroader and caboose restorer, corrected me and said that they are called plow bolts.  Ok, that is my operative term going forward.

Plow bolts have  a slightly domed head with a square shank to keep them from turning in the wood parts being attached.  They were used when wood was being attached to steel supports.  It appears that wood screws were used for wood to wood attachment.

Here is Bruce’s MKT #835 caboose under restoration.  The roof and running board is rough but look closely and the bolts stickling out of the support and you will see the plow bolts.

So this is what the Hutchins roof looks like after lots of work.  The lateral running board shows plow bolts at the top and wood screws where the boards are attached to the stringer.   Steel running boards will use different hardware for sure.  I would imagine that there are example of different hardware used on cars but you probably safe using this a guideline.

This is the caboose restored in his backyard.  He donated it to a museum close by. They completed the final touches on the car.  It is a beautiful car.  I love the Sloan Yellow.



10 thoughts on “MODELING: Lee Turner Models and Da Bolt

  1. Very nice work on the poultry car. The only things giving it away as a model are the Kadee couplers, and the springs in the trucks.

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