MODDELING: It’s Showtime!

After a brief pause, I am back at modeling and working on the blog.  Much to my pleasure, my friend Lee Turner primed my publishing pump with some wonderful examples of his craft.   Seeing his work always adds interest to my enjoyment of the hobby.  Hope that you feel the same way.

First off is an example on how you can turn a stock Atlas R-T-R boxcar into a beautiful and realistic model.   The car came from Atlas painted Federal Yellow (very intense) with lettering inplace.  If you are familiar with the prototype cars you know that the yellow fades badly to a pale yellow that is almost tan.    Lee managed to fade the color with a series of filters applied to the car surfaces.  Highlights around the door hardware and track really capture my eye.

Here is a shot of the prototype to show how it weathers.

This is a very credible model just with some weathering.

Natural light and a real background help create a scene that easily passes for the real thing.

As always, I am grateful to Lee for sharing his work.

So my plan was to roll out the first chapter of  a Norrthern Pacific flat car build.  A combination of circumstances has delayed the this a week or so.   I started the construction and scrapped the first couple attempts at the centersill.  I then realized that my attempt to scan and scale a builders drawing was a bust.   I used a program called Scale Print which allows you to scale a photo or drawing to one several popular scales like 1/48 and 1/32 so that it can be printed.    The program is only as good as the dimensional data that is loaded into the dialog box.   Human error strikes again.

Here is part of the Northern Pacific drawing I am using.   Drawings like this require some time to study and understand before you start wacking away at some styrene.  I didn’t do that so I generated scrap plastic and no progress.   The plan is from the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association library.

The pile on the right is scrap and one on the left is also scrap.   My fourth attempt seems to be going along ok.   The surface below the parts is a marble cheese board that was being donated to a local charity but I intercepted it.  I donated some clothing to replace the contribution.

I hope to get on with the model build this week.

Thanks for hanging around


5 thoughts on “MODDELING: It’s Showtime!

  1. That drawing is fantastic. Everything is there for folk who know what they’re looking for in the hidden lines. Clear, good contrast, no fade from the copying process. I wish I had drawings this good for my projects.

    Gene, care to share where you went astray on the center sills?

    • Al
      I should have spent more time with the blue drawing rather than one in Railroad Model Craftsman. I lost my point of reference for locating cross bearers and cross ties. The railroad drawing clearly shows their location. In the process, I didn’t lay out the fish belly correctly. It ended up about 5” short of the desired 2’6”.

      • I can relate to that. I go back and forth between different drawings (maybe like MR and MM or a historical society book, etc) and it isn’t hard to lose track of something that way. Har, I try to attribute it to age.

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