MODELING: Lee Turner does SP Cabooses


Pacific Limited imported the Southern Pacific C-30-1 caboose in 1/48 scale back in the 1980s.   It was probably the best rendering of this classic car of the imported SP models.  Recently, a client sent a couple of these rare models to Lee for his magic touch.   He has tried to show a recently painted car with the early 1950s lettering scheme.  The SP dropped the bar above the name in early 1950s timeframe.  At a point in time later in the decade, the railroad painted the ends Daylight Orange.   There were a few that received a bright red end paint before the orange treatment.

Lee started out with a base color of red and used a light red-brown filter to shift the tone and create a vibrant red.   The weathering is restrained to represent relatively new paint.  The SP did use black on the roofs prior to WW-II and a few cars managed to make it to the 1950s without a coat of oxide red.   Pacific Limited did a nice job on the awning brace. The railroad used that piece of hardware on three classes of wood sheathed cars.

Part of this story is about the figures used in populating these cabooses.   The old guy on the rear platforms is probably wondering where the coupler went.   The figure is an old Charles H Brommer casting that is nearly as old as Lee (exaggeration slightly).  Lee used acrylics to finish the fellows attire.

This figure started out as Hasegawa 1/48 scale figure that was reworked by Lee.

This C-30-1 was modeled after Southern Pacific of Mexico cabooses.   They apparently adopted their own painting standards by adding silver or aluminum paint to the steps.

Lee weathered the SP de M car reflecting a lack of maintenance and the effects of heat and dust on the finish.  He tried to sand the decals to give a worn look.  The effect is credible to my eye.

Here is an example of a C-30-1 trailing a long freight near Burbank.

As always, I want to thank Lee for sharing his work with us.  It is always a treat to see and share his modeling.



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