MODELING: NP 52′ Flat Car 1.96

This week has been the “Honey Do List” week.  Not much accomplised on the flat car.  I did manage to work on the sidesills, cross ties and Stringers.

The stringers are made up of .030″x.080″ on the bottom, a vertical of .030″x.060″ and a .010″x .060″ strips.   The fit between the Cross Bearers and the bolster.  I maade a simple gauge to help with the location prior to bonding.

Once the stringers are installed, I started to make the cross ties.  The span between the sidesill and centersill.   There is a cutaway on the bottom (actually the top when the car is upright].   I used  the drawing to get the basic shape and size then layed the parts out on a sheet of .030″ sheet.  Once they are cut out, I applied top and bottom flanges made from .010″x..060″ strip.

The last item to show this edition is the sidesill preparation.   I drilled holes for all of the rivet locations and used Tichy .025″ rivets.  I also drilled the urethane stake pockets.  They have two locator pins cast on the back to help with installation.   Not this hardware is actually mounted at this step.  I want to install the sidesills before populating them with rivets and stake pockets.  The picture below shows what it will look like when I start installing the goodies.

Next installment will cover the completion of the sidesills, weight installation and assorted things.

One last photo is of a 1/4″ scale model of the Southern Pacific ferry boat Sacramento.  The model is on Norm Buckhart’s layout and will provide the key prop to the Oakland Mole passenger station.  Norm rode this ferry when he was sixteen.   After years of wanting the Sacramento  in model form his dream was realized recently.   It is nearly 7′ long and weighed 300 pounds when shipped.  Enjoy your ferry!




4 thoughts on “MODELING: NP 52′ Flat Car 1.96

  1. Always enjoy learning from your outstanding and inspirational modeling techniques, Gene.

    If it hasn’t been done already, it seems that it would be easy to animate the walking beam on Mr. Buckhart’s model of the Sacramento.

  2. Gene, I want to thank you for this series. I’m trying to absorb as much as I can since I want to attempt to scratch build my own freight car as some point in the near future. Trying to narrow down a potential candidate hasn’t been easy though since I’d rather not jump straight into a project with thousands of rivets. I’m looking forward to following the rest of your flatcar build.

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