MODELING: More Eye Candy from Lee Turner and Jim Zwernemann

I feel blessed to have the likes of Lee Turner and Jim Zwernemann willing to share their work with this blog.  They represent some of the finest craftsman to be found in our hobby.

Recently, Jim Zwernemann added this little structure to his P48 layout.  He created a model of the Texas & New Orleans yard office that once stood in Austin, Texas.  The model was built using styrene and painted with acrylic paints blended to match Southern Pacific Common Standard colors for structures.  The AS-616 is an Overland import that was detailed and finished by the late Jim Hickey.  The view shown below also captures part of the Mather boxcar built by Jim a new of years ago.  His friend Jim Hickey did the artwork and printed the decals using an ALPS printer.

Recently, I posted a few pictures of Southern Pacific cabooses done by Lee Turner.  He added his stamp to the models by customizing figures to fit the location on the particular car.  Lee used plastic filler to change the position of the body parts creating a unique character.

One of the recreations done by Lee are two figures that were part of the Edward Hopper titled Nighthawks.  This must have been a fun project to capture the images in 3D.

Now, the cafe needs to be built to provide the setting for these two characters.

Thank you to Lee and Jim for sharing your work with this blog.


9 thoughts on “MODELING: More Eye Candy from Lee Turner and Jim Zwernemann

  1. Thank you, Gene, for sharing more eye candy. Thanks to Lee, Jim, and all others for making these great posts possible. Keep up the excellent service even if only the elite idealists appreciate it. Proto 48 is such a blessing I hesitate to photograph the toys anymore. It bugs me to be reminded in so many places of so-called models with-out-of-scale undercarriage. The model airplane industry wouldn’t tolerate what is so prevalent in model railroading. Hope more and more will come on board for “the world’s greatest hobby.”

  2. I seem to recall that John Armstrong modeled the cafe from “Nighthawks” and it was written up in MR a number of years ago. As I recall his biggest problem was figuring out where the entrance door should go, since Hopper didn’t include that detail in his painting.


    • I do remember John Armstrong’s model in the MR. Did not remember the entrance issue that Armstrong had to resolve. I wonder what would have happened if he was true to the art. Wonder how many modelers would have caught the omission?

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