NEWS: The Passing of Ron Sebastian

On the second of October we lost a really nice guy.  Ron Sebastian passed away at home.  It was a shock to receive news of this tragic event.  Not only was Ron a key figure in our hobby but a decent human being, husband, father and grandfather.   Ron was the driving force behind many key projects in the model railroad industry.  Des Plaines Hobbies was his pride and joy and maybe the best store of its kind in America.

Many of us remember his presence at hobby shows and conventions.  I am sure that Des Plaines Hobbies was your destination if you were in the Chicago area.  It was my favorite stopping place when I had time between flights at O’Hare Airport.  Ron was nice enough to drive out and pick me to visit his store.  He was a treasure!

I came across an article about Ron that you might find interesting.  It was in the Chicago Tribune a number of years ago but his story is still relevant.


Rest in Peace



4 thoughts on “NEWS: The Passing of Ron Sebastian

  1. His kindness and expertise will be missed by many. Des Plaines Hobby was my “go-to” bricks and mortar store in the Chicagoland area.

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