MODELING: One of Mine and Three of Lee’s

The Rock Island Fowler project is ready for paint but it won’t happen this week.  Too many thing going on.  However, I did go back to the shelf of unfinished models and picked up a AAR 1937 boxcar that I had started a while back.  I am trying to model a series of Northern Pacific cars which had Universal handbrakes and eight-rung ladders.

This posting will address the building of an eight-rung ladder from brass. Once the ladders are installed, I will put it close to the edge of the shelf so it will actually get done soon.

The photo shown above is from the NPRHA collection.  It was taken shortly after the car was finished.  It was the first series (15000-15499) of this type of car for the railroad. I am modeling a car in the 15500-15999.  It came with a Universal handbrake and a metal brake step.

I want to focus on the ladders showing my technique.  The picture shown below is the story in a nutshell.  It is composed of 1/32″ square brass and .016″ brass wire.   The fixture is very helpful to get the rungs straight.

I test fitted the ladder on the intended victum.

When you are happy with the ladder, you need to some finishing.  The wire ends need to be flush and the wire end tapered.  I blackened the ladder prior to painting.

Well that is one of mine and here are three of Lee Turner’s boxcars.

First up is car started out as an Intermountain AAR boxcar kit.  Lee cast up some replacement sides for the original steel sides.  He sold these along with other conversion sets for a number of years.  Lee told me the Wiseman Model Services has the molds and can some if you are interested.  The conversion is pretty accurate model since the prototype was based on the 1937 AAR boxcar.

The next car is a PSC PS-1 brass import that was decorated in the classic Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis yellow stripe scheme.   Lee’s client models in a period of about the time of the construction date of the prototype car so weathering was held to a minimum.

The last boxcar from Lee is a Pacific Limited brass boxcar decorated as a Boston & Albany USRA era car.  This car got the full Turner treatment.

Thank you Lee for your contribution.


6 thoughts on “MODELING: One of Mine and Three of Lee’s

  1. Gene,
    For those of us just trying to get our fairly tinplate-like rolling stock its assembled and weathered, wheels painted and couplers to operate well, your work is breathtaking. Hopefully we’ll find the time to attempt some small part of what you’ve accomplished.
    Thanks for sharing these. I loved the pictures.

    John Goodrich

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