MODELING: Fresh Paint

We have focused on trying to convey the well weathered look on our rolling stock.  In some cases new cars were delivered to railroads and stayed fairly clean for a while.  I foud this picture on the web last week and thought that there were some interesting artifacts on this new car.

It is rare to find a color picture from the wartime era.  This photo was taken by Bill Wolverton.  Even though the car is relatively new there are subtle effects like grime on the rivet lines and on the door panels.   The shine is just about gone from the sides. The trucks look very clean with little road grime.

The car was built to the AAR 1937 design.  It was built by Pullman in 1941.  It was equipped with wood running boards and Ajax hand brake equipment along with 8-rung ladders on a 10′ interior height.   The railroad bought cars from AC&F that came with black ends and possibly a black roof.

This photo shows that a new car can blend in with well used equipment.


4 thoughts on “MODELING: Fresh Paint

  1. Any idea how old the car was when the photo was taken? The subtle weathering is there to see if you look for it. I notice a small amount of rust on the wheel faces towards the edge, but already mostly smothered by oil from the axle journal boxes.

  2. To help date the photo, the car appears to have its original stencilled repack date. In the ’40s, the interval was 15 months, so the photo would be no later than July 1942.

    Thanks, Gene

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