MODELING: Bull Moose!

Certain machines get labeled with names of creatures from the animal kingdom.  Bull Moose is a name that conjures up a vision of a large beast with a rack of horns.

That is a Bull Moose of the animal kingdom and the picture below is the Bull Moose of the locomotive kingdom.   It is a 2-8-8-0 built by Alco in the teens and rebuilt by the railroad in 1937.   The Union Pacific rostered these monsters as helpers on Sherman Hill in Wyoming and other areas where helpers were required.

Not the most attractive locomotive to grace the Union Pacific roster.

Lee Turner applied his incredible finish to one of these beasts.  The model is an Overland brass import.   It arrived in Lee’s shop in need of repair prior to finishing.

Lee’s finished the model to represent a locomotive that has been in service for a while and has accumlated a good coat of grime.   Areas like the firebox and running gear reflect the mark of heavy service.

From any angle the Bull Moose is an animal.

Lee did some serious body and fender work on this Weaver Northeastern caboose. He replaced the four side windows with two new windows and total replacement of of the platform steps.  The conversion takes on the look of a Magor-built car.   The model was finished with paint, lettering and weathering.   Lee’s dad worked for the Detroit Toledo and Ironton.  The model has personal meaning to him.   The DT&I was once owned by Henry Ford and served as a raw material conveyor belt for the auto maker.

As always, I am grateful to Lee for his contribution of images and narrative.   It is rare to find a custom builder of Lee Turner’s calibre who is willing to share his work.

Hope you enjoy the material.


6 thoughts on “MODELING: Bull Moose!

  1. Inspiring weathering. The slightly work-worn look has been beautifully re-created. Hats off to a masterful job.
    I have an Overland model of one of these but in HO, and in the rebuilt form you refered to. (The locos were ‘simpled’, ie un-compounded and converted to oil firing among several other modifications) The workman-like outline certainly appeals to some of us! Still trying to muster up the courage to weather it, a daunting prospect when the purchase price is considered.

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