The 20th gathering of the annual of the Railroad Prototype Modelers just concluded in Cocoa Beach, Florida.  Each year modelers and historians gather to show off their latest work and share information via numerous clinics and informal discussions.  There is much to learned and see at these meetings.

The coverage is courtesy of several photographers who covered aspects of the event.  The pictures were gathered off of Facebook and emails.

Tony Thompson posted the above picture of the vendor sales area.  While most the hobby items are for HO, there were several photo sellers like Bob’s Photos to lightened your wallet.  Ross Dando reported that he did some serious buying at the event. Our intreped reporter, Ross Dando, managed to take a picture of his own models including his Twin Star Cars flatcar. He sold out of kits at the event.

Ross was all over Jim Zwernemann’s fantastic display of his Proto48 models.  As you can see, Jim built a display rack to better show the models on the low tables.

As you can see, Jim loves cabooses and has built some incredible cars over the years.  The most recent is the Penn Central transfer caboose.   We have posted most of these models on the blog in the past.  You can do a search on Jim’s name to see more of his work.

Jim built this Rock Island caboose using a San Juan Model Company boxcar kit as a starting point.

The Proto48 community was well represented with gentlemen pictured below.   Front to the back they are:

James Lincoln, Ross Dando, Harz Sondericker in purple, Jim Zwernemann and Jon Cagle in the back.

Dave Hussey shot this picture of Ross, Jim and Jon.  It is titled the “Three Musketeers”.

Check out the Railroad Prototype Modeler event calendar website.   You will see that there are events scheduled around the country.   I recommend you attend an event.






4 thoughts on “MEETINGS: Cocoa Beach RPM

  1. Gene

    What happened to Smoky Mountain models? He produced some fantastic models that I have built, almost as good as Chooch Soo Line boxcars…those of course were my favorite. I sold 4 of them and a couple of cabooses to Jim Seacrest but I have not seen any of his collection since he passed.

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  2. Never heard of it before, but if it works, it would be nice for smaller parts that would fit in a kettle for boiling. I think it’s worth a trial run, too.



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