NEW PRODUCTS: Fifty Foot Boxcars from Protocraft


Protocraft is working on a new release of brass freight built by Boo Rim. I have included a message that Norm posted a while back. The project is will cover a number of important prototypes.


From Norm Buckhart, Protocraft:

The 50’ automobile/50’ express boxcars from Protocraft have been listed a bit prematurely. I had asked the webmaster to hold these until the end of January, but they went up anyway.  The necessary pilot models are being shipped for my inspection and hopefully will have few corrections, as the builder package picked up here by Boo Rim was very comprehensive: real builder plans and hundreds of 8×10 photos plus 200 pages of instructions.  If this proves to be the case I can give the go-ahead for production.  Then if all this goes according to plan, the actual models may be in stock by April or May or June.  There is no invoice yet so I can’t comment on the list price.  However with the economy and cost of Korean goods increasing year to year these models will be in the $350+ range, and a Protocraft we cut it very fine indeed.  However with Boo Rim’s fine and detailed, accurate model building, these will once again be exceptional brass models.  And I am almost sure will never be done again.
NOTE: This is a pilot model of the Rio Grande Double Sheathed Automobile Car.  The heavy wire you see on the hand brake system is going to be changed to a smalled diameter wire. 
This has been a two year undertaking.  It is a project of 24 different models of 50’ freight cars undertaken, because, with the exception of PCS’s two or three single-sheathed SP automobile/furniture cars, there has not been any brass models of the 50’ auto car, let alone an accurate one.  PCS did bring out a rather generic version years ago but not that great a model nor does it seem to have any specific prototype, although what was close to it in real life was a car having a 10’-6” inside height and PCS’s is 6” too short – so didn’t exist in the first place.  The model sold well, as it was about the only brass 50’ O scale autocar out there, and can be found on many O scale layouts – and at the time built with craftsmanship that is now 30 years old, and of course no end doors, a familiar item on automobile cars.
Many of the prototype cars were built with end doors.  After much discussion with Boo Rim it was decided to have the models with non-operating end doors.  As it was explained to me, to operate, hinges would have to be oversize for strength with oversize hinge pins, and the tall vertical locking bar would be subject to loose operation and probably scratching paint and lettering.  A one piece non-operating end door would then have the high detail it deserves.  In this project here are 3 different end doors.
In selecting these 24 different models, I have tried to find interesting and different prototypes to put in the project, even some perhaps a bit obscure, but never the less, interesting, and usually with some great lettering variations – many for the same car but different throughout the car’s life.  Santa Fe was the most difficult, the Fe-24 having displayed 17 different lettering schemes.  In all this project will feature over 60 different decal sets.  Many of the prototype cars selected represented the various road’s first investment in an all-steel automobile/furniture car, such as ERIE and C&O in the 1930’s.  Yet these cars survived in revenue service into the late 1950’s, going from first Furniture to Automobiles, to Autoparts, and finally into general freight service.  The modeler can choose 3 different eras of modeling with most of these cars and respective lettering sets.  And remember, even obscure cars could be found at one end of the Country to the other from time to time, and would fit in any consist.
Besides 3 different end doors, following the prototype, the models are built with Viking roofs, Climax-Cleveland Radial roof, Murphy Raised panels roofs, Pullman patented flat panel roofs, double-edged roofs for the NYC; 6 different ends, both square corner and the newer round (W) corner ends, specific underframes, and almost each side are unique according to rivets and panel widths and sill tabs, with WABASH side sills going the entire length of the car. Many have auto tie-down chain storage pipes beneath the floor and roping staples. Running boards are wood, Apex Tri-Lok and Morton. Brake assemblies from tall staff hand brakes, end-mounted Ajax, Klasing, Miner, Equipco, Universal and Champion.  Throughout the project, over 350 different parts make up the construction of these models.
Here we are doing our best to build fantastic models with a great selection.
More to come.  Norm Buckhart
This project promises to be a significant offering of much needed models.

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