MODELING: Modern Bull Moose?

I posted a story about an older Bull Moose done by Lee Turner on 9 January.   Lee suggested that the UP U-50 is a modern day Bull Moose.   I decided to run with it.  The model is Overland brass import.  It is huge.   Lee finished the model and applied a moderate amount of weathering.

Jimmy Booth has written about the UP and SP U-50s in the respective historical society magazines.  I do remember his comments on how the crews disliked the locomotive’s tendency to hunt from side to side at speed.  Crews prefered to run the U-50 in the trailing position to avoid motion sickness.

The U-50 is the work of General Electric.  The locomotive is essentally two U-25 four axle models on a single frame.  Twenty-six were built in 1963.

Lee applied multiple washes to the trucks given them better definition of the detail and the look of road grime.  The massive squirrel cage blower is really eye catching.

The backend of the unit is about as plain as you can imagine.

Lee did a nice job on the beast.   Thank you for sharing your work with us.


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