MODELING: More Tenders

This posting is a followup on the January 24 story that pointed out details to add to your locomotive tenders.  The story percipitated three three contributors to send in photos of their models.

First up is William Reed and his K-37 tenders shown above and below.

Next up is Mike George and his scratchbuilt L&N tender with a few touches such as shoves along with spilled coal.  Mike added the engineer’s travel bag in the water wing.

Last but not least is Lee Turner’s contribution to the tender story.   The three photos of shown below portray Lee’s vision.  He added a twist to the story  by creating a overlay coal load.  This allows you to show two levels of fuel in the tender.

I am happy to see that the original story generated interest in the P48 community.  Thank you all for your contributions.


“PS” I have not produced much in the way of modeling lately.  I have cataracts that have progressed to the point of limiting my work not to mention driving at night and other things.  I will be getting this problem fixed in the next couple of months.  I expect to be back at the bench and restarting my layout.  Onward and Upward!

4 thoughts on “MODELING: More Tenders

  1. Lee, I once read that coal dust and water make a caustic slurry that makes things rust quickly. Are you or any of your readers able to comment on this? Were tender decks among the first areas to rust as a result? Thanks, Rene

    • Rene,

      I think typically the slope sheet was the first to rust. You are correct, coal dust and water make a corrosive combination. When I look at several photos of a particular class I can see where tenders have gone through rebuilds.

      Mike George

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