MODELING: Adding Character to a Model

Start out with an interesting freight car like a ventilated boxcar and add a signature touch to a very nice model will create character. That is what Lee Turner has done to a RY Models brass imported model.  Ventilated boxcars were created to ship perishable fruit and vegitables to market.  They were seen on American railroads from the earliest days up until the 1950s.  Nearly all of these cars were owned by railroads that operated in the southern US.

Lee took a step further than just finishing the model by adding a load of melons. They made from white peppercorns. He fabricating crates and affixing product labels to creates a credible load that is visually appealing.

You can see the subtle effects of weathering washes applied to the car.

As always, I am grateful to Lee for sharing his work with us.  Thank you for all the material you have contributed over the years.

Lee Turner has decided to retire from professional model work.  He has decided to devote to his time to his own modeling projects.  Lee’s contribution will be sorely missed by all of us.  Seeing his work has been a huge inspiration to me and to many others.  I think he has redefined the art of weathering to new level.  Lee has shown us new materials and techniques adapted from from other modeling fields.

Enjoy your retirement!



7 thoughts on “MODELING: Adding Character to a Model

  1. Great work as always. While he is retiring I hope Lee can still find time to occassionally share photos of his personal work

  2. The works of Lee Turner and Gene Deimling have been extremely inspirational to me. One thing I’d like to know regarding this article: where do they grow melons that small? 🙂


  3. Love this car and wish I’d seen one on the SP, but then there’s a photo of one on the SP. Oh wait, it’s also a model. Dang. Only thing that gave it away were the bits of ballast stuck to the rails. Incredible modeling.

  4. The “melons” are whole white peppercorns from the bulk food store. Thanks for all the kind words but I don’t plan to disappear in the woodwork and Gene will have more to post I’m sure.


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