MODELING: Shelter-in-Place

We are all dealing with the need to stay indoor or a safe distance from others when outside.  COVID 19 has turned our lives upside down.   Our hobby offers an opportunity to focus on something enjoyable like railroad modeling.

I set up shop on my kitchen table to stay close to family.  My move is only temporary pending surgery on my other eye.  With only one corrected eye, my depth perception has suffered. I have decided to keep building some things even with this limitation.  My second surgery was postponed to mid-May (hopefully).

My little project is a simple storage shed with drop siding.  I used a plan for a section car shed.  It is a simple building that gives me confidence on my next building,

I didn’t detail the interior completely since part of it won’t show on installed on the layout.   I used Evergreen drop or novelty siding.  The sheet is .040″ thick which is double the actual board thickness.  I compensated for the added thichness by using a 2″ x 3″ rather than a normal 2″ x 4″ boards.

My next building will be the Pleasanton gas station I showed recently.


I was churning through my files and found a couple shot taken of Lee Turner of models he built.  It turned out to be two boxcars that I did patterns years ago.

This car project was created out of an attempt to do a PRR X31 boxcar.  I made an assumption that the roof was like the X31b double door which is flush with the side.  It turned out that it wasn’t but I realized the N&W had a roof like what I built.

Here is an older model also produced by Chooch in their Ultra Scale II line.  I have always loved these Soo Line sawtooth boxcar.  Lee did a super job on the model complete with an old paper door seal.  Lee uses Zig Zag brand cigarette paper to make the seal.   Notice the subtle shading applied to the individual boards.

I am amazed at how many models Lee has created over time.  Thank you for sharing.




9 thoughts on “MODELING: Shelter-in-Place

  1. Thanks for sharing Lee’s work.
    Sorry about the delay in your eye surgery, I remember how frustrating it was waiting for my two cataract surgeries.

  2. What better way to pull yourself away from the scary and confusing situation than to sit and work on a model building project. Makes all that disturbing noise go away for a little while.


  3. I recently saw a photo on a Milwaukee round top car. I, of course, can’t find it again. I remember it as a 50′ car perhaps insulated but it did have round roof line.

  4. Gene,

    That little shed is looking pretty cool. Can’t wait to see it with some sort of speeder sticking its nose out the door.

    Best of luck with your cataract surgery on eye #2. The results will be worth the wait. Been there myself. My opthamologist has a surgery center in the same location (building) as his office but I don’t know if all his surgeries are on hold or being considered elective surgery.

    In the meantime, if you had your vision corrected for better far vision try a set of cheap cheaters from Walgreens or CVS and remove the magnifying lense from the corrected eye until the second surgery has occurred.

    Later, Dave S. Tucson, AZ

      • When you go to Walgreens, CVS etc you can try them on to see if they work right in the store. Bring something along to look at to see if they work for you right there.

  5. On line the other evening, I saw a Milwaukee round top car, I believe it was a 50 express car. I was impressed. No I just have to find it again.


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