MODELING: Pleasanton Gas Station #1

Like most of us, I am stuck at home with lots of time and a short honey-do list.   I have been looking at the mission style gas station in Pleasanton, California for nearly forty years.  It has been on the bucket list along a bunch of other project.  Now is the time to build it.

I took some measurements a while back and found that my wife’s 12-foot tape measure made it challenging.   I was able to a sense of the general size of the basic structure.  There were a few parts that I wanted to use.  I have some old Chooch plastic windows that looked like it might be a good stand in.   these windows simulate a metal frame design with a hinged panel.  I turned the window on its side to copy the orientation of the real window.  The castings have less panes but I didin’t want to build four windows from scratch.



As you can see I have juggled the dimensions just a bit.  I guess you have to wait to see if I can capture the feel of the building.

Styrene is the material of choice for me on this type of project.  Form core board could be used since the wall are 12″ thick.  I am not sure what was used to construct the actual building.  It could be wood framed with screen and stucco over shiplap.   I used .030″ thick sheet styrene for the basic walls.  I used .100″ and .080″ to frame the wall interior bracing.  I framed the outline of windows and door with this material.  I used two size to get a feel for a proper

The basic dimensions of the building are shown in these annotated photos.  I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the building dimensions.  I did a little “adjusting” on the information collected on my short visit.

west elevation

north wall elevation

south front elevation

east elevation

The window openings will have to be adjusted to fit the part you choose if you can’rt find the Chooch window.

The store front has been installed in my model and adjusted to fit Tichy windows and door.

I am using Tichy masonry windows for the office wall.   The door is also a Tichy part that used without the frame.

Here is the old Chooch window that is going to be installed on the three major walls.

I next step will be to build the mansard roof and the tower.   The stucco finish will be applied after those steps are completed.

See you next time.


15 thoughts on “MODELING: Pleasanton Gas Station #1

  1. Projects like this look like a good reason to use 3D printing. The windows, for example, seem like a perfect use for the process.

  2. Gene Tichy also has a window like those from Chooch. It is a larger 20 pane window. I am planning to use those on my quarry railroad Machine Shop building project.

  3. It is going to be interesting to see how you do the stucco effect. Nice build so far. Any interior detailing planned?

  4. Gene,

    Interesting prototype and subject for modeling. Your work is always instructional. How did you layout and cut the arches and get them to match? I look forward to continued blog posts on this subject. Thanks for sharing and take care.

    Lee Gustafson

    Sent from my iPad


    • Lee
      Thank you. I had a broadside photo of the west elevation. I scaled it and printed the image 1/4” scale. I was able to approximate the major radius using a protractor. I used it scribe the curve in styrene.

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