MODELING: Detroit Terminal Railroad

The Detroit Terminal Railroad served a significant number of industries in the greater Detroit area  The railroad operated from 1905 to 1984 when it was absorbed into Conrail.

The locomotive shown above is the work of Lee Turner using a Car Works VO-1000 brass model.   The model features custom made decals for this small railroad.   He created a striking model of a rare prototype.

Short Gas Station Update

I have been messsing around with the vintage gas station the last week or so.  Starting to get a feel for the “stucco” technique.

The stucco finish still needs some tweaks before I can call it done.  I started finishing the tower by reducing the thickness of the application. I did sand the stucco once the finish was dried.   The recessed panel needs some attention.   The building will get a final coat of a dark yellow finish.


The canopy roof has a gentle curve which creates some issues of forming the curved shape.  I built a web of .015″ strips supported styrene filler strips to create the contour.  The actual roof surface will be two layers of .015″ sheet styrene.  The first layer will be bonded to the strips and the second layer will marked with guide line for the mission tile installation.  The two layers will be bonded together.   The roof installation will occur once the model is nearly complete.

Prior to adding the roof, I will add to LED bulbs to the canopy roof.

That’s all for now.


8 thoughts on “MODELING: Detroit Terminal Railroad

  1. Dave
    The tiles were made in Germany using an injection molding plastic. I purchased them in 2003. I tried tracking the gentleman down who made them. No luck?

    • Gene,

      I also bought a bag full from him (?) and was unable to order more. At the time they seemed to be more like “S” scale than either HO or 1/48th. I had plans to use them on a 1/48th scale model of the CB&Q station at Oregon, IL. With all the latest equipment for doing 3D modeling I hope someone might take on this project.

      Later, Dave Sarther

  2. Gene,
    I am admiring Lee Turner’s work on the model of a Detroit Terminal VO-1000 shown on the P:48 Group site. As editor of the Grand Trunk Western Historical Society’s quarterly journal, The Semaphore, I am always on the lookout for content. One of the Detroit railroads we profess to include in our net is the Detroit Terminal, but we rarely have any DT content to publish. I would be pleased to run those two photos, prototype and model, in a future edition with full credit to Lee for his modeling work. I would appreciate it if you would pass on this expression of interest to him. I can be reached at
    Dan Pence.

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