MODELING: Stucco Finish

Stucco is a common exterior finish applied to buildings for a long time.  There are various degree of texture shown depending upon the builder’s intention and/or skill.  In the past, I have used 600 grit sandpaper with and been unhappy with the results.  My friend, Jimmy Booth, mentioned a technique he had developed many years ago for application over wood surfaces.  I decided to give it a try.  I will let you be the judge of the finished product.

Here is my completed wall of the Pleasaton gas station.  The wall has some texture but still maintains a relatively uniform surface finish.  It is not at it’s final color.  One more coat of the final color and I should be good to go.

The technique and materials are simple and easily found.   I use a Tamiya flat acrylic paint diluted with their airbrush thinner.  To this solution I add aluminum oxide blasting grit.  I purchased it from Paasche for grit blasting models.  The object is to create a slurry grit suspended in paint.  Do’t add too much since we don’t want to make a paste.

I mix the stucco up on a small jar and use an old brush to dab it on.  I will sometimes put a few drops of thinner on the surface to allow the grit to flow.  Applying over a primed surface is better than plain styrene.  I have done both and like the primed surface better.  I use Tamiya spray primer in a rattlecan.

The stucco mix was applied directly over smooth styrene in this view.   The finish is a fragile so handle with care once applied. That also means you can sand it to soften the effect or even redo it. The view below shows the effect over a primed surface.

Here is a closup of the painted stucco wall.

I am satisfied with the results.


5 thoughts on “MODELING: Stucco Finish

  1. Wonder if a similar result could be achieved with pumice or rottenstone mixed in paint. Both are very fine abrasives used in wood finishing and are available at Woodcraft Supply.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing this finished, another masterpiece. The curved roof is a good feature makes it stand out from other gas station models.Great stuff mate!

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