MODELING: Mike George’s Latest Car

After scratchbuilding four L&N H-29 consolidations, Mike George has returned to car building.  His latest creation is a Louisville & Nashville ventilated boxcar.   The project started with a photo sent by noted manufacturer, Jim King, of an actual car tied to a H-29.  It was the catalyst to motivate Mike to build the car.

The car was bilt from styrene and used a stamped brass end he had obtained from Glenn Guerra.   The ends needed some work to make them into a good representation of the prototype.  The small metal doors on the sides took time to fabricate and add to the character of the car.   Mike is not quite finished but add some more weathering and such to complete this most interesting car.

The lettering was pieced together from an old set made by Jerry Snow and Microscale railroad roman alphabet.

Mike recreated the prototype scene with one of his H-29s and the ventilated boxcar.   Incredible work to say the least.

We all enjoy seeing the craftsmanship exhibited in each new model that Mike George creates.   My hat is off to him!


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