MODELING: Some of My Models

I decided to share with you some of the models I have built over the years.  Some are built from kits that I made the masters for or scratchbuilt.

Chooch Ultra Scale II SP B-50-15

Chooch Soo Line sawtooth boxcar

Chooch Ultra Scale II NP 4700 class automobile car

Chooch Ultra Scale II war emergency boxcar

Southern Car & Foundry Katy boxcar

Southern Car & Foundry ATSF Bx-12

Southern Car & Foundry CPR minibox

Glacier Park Models Cotton Belt double sheathed boxcar

Southern Pacific A-50-6 scratchbuilt from styrene

Rio Grande double sheathed automobile car built from styrene

Wilson Car Lines reefer built from styrene

Shell Type-21 8,000 gallon tank car.   The tank was salvaged from lionel 3-rail model redetailed sitting on a scratchbuilt undeframe.

Well, that is a quick look at some of models built over a number of years.


14 thoughts on “MODELING: Some of My Models

  1. Gene

    I built a NP automobile car using your O scale car as a foundation for measurements.

    Ray & Renee Grosser

    1145 Linn Road

    Eubank KY 42567-9579

    (606) 379-6590

    “I consider that the chief dangers which confront the coming century will be religion without the Holy Ghost, Christianity without Christ, forgiveness without repentance, salvation without regeneration, politics without God, and heaven without hell.” General William Booth

    YHWH Yireh

  2. Great models – thanks for sharing.
    Did I see thatnyou are going to start a new layout to run them on?

  3. Beautiful and inspirational modeling, Gene! And thanks for those masters that can be made into realistic and great looking freight cars.

    Jim Wolf2 Caracal St.Belen, NM 87002Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

  4. Thanks for sharing all your impressive work in this and your many other posts at various locations over the years, including in print. Really appreciate the information on methods. Couple of questions: 1) when was the Glacier Park SLSF car available for sale – I don’t recall seeing it advertised; and 2) would you ever consider doing one or more articles on improving accuracy of the Intermountain and Red Caboose PFE reefers? Best regards, Tim B.

    • Glacier Park SSW car was released about two years ago. It was a very limited run of approximately 40 kits. Several dealers were selling the model. I don’t believe the manufacturer intends to do another run.
      The Intermountain PFE car is pretty accurate. The ice hatch hinges are an abomination but no easy fix is available. I modified some 3D printed Wine hinges for a wood car but they are incorrect.
      I have been hacking away on the Red Caboose wood car with the intention up modeling a R-30-16 with Ureco hatches and a raised panel steel roof.
      It will see the light of day soon

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