OPINION: Some Odds and End

Not much progress on modeling from my workbench.  The heavy smoke and limitation of living in a repressive state has sapped my creative energy.  So much for the news from what used to be the “golden state”.   I have a few bits to write about however.

First up are two shots that Jimmy Booth sent of a vintage lumber yard in Healdsburg,CA.  The yard is a classic design with very few examples still existing in 2020.  I have always loved the multi-level storage shed and remember being in this kind of yards when I was a kid.

Jimmy intends to the build a version of this facilties on his new layout.  Can’t wait to see it.

Next up is one of my long-term bucket list is a classic General American Type-30 tank cars.  I know I have a half-built GATC Type-19 but got to have a few irons in the fire.

It looks like every other tank car but the bolsters are unique and quite different from AC&F cars like the Intermountain model.   You can see the General American bolster in this view.  The poling pockets are located on the end of the bolster.  Sadly, our scale suffers from the lack of prototype variety in tank car designs.  Between Max Gray, USH and PSC there has to be a couple gillion ACF style cars that have been imported from Asia.   It seems that 1/4″ scale modelers don’t have the luxury of multiple prototypes.  Plastic kits and RTR tank cars in HO cover ACF Type-21 and Type-27; GATC Type-17,-19 and Type-30 and STC cars by SC&F.  They have yet to see the UTLX Type-3 or a few other lesser lights.

Well, it turns out Resin Car Works released an HO kit.  I contacted Frank Hodina (owner) and he agreed to release the bolster 3D file to Shapeways in 1/48 scale.  His son did the CAD work. I bought a pair and had a number cast in resin.  I fitted the resin bolster to 1/4″ Evergreen channels.  I cut a 1/4″ square styrene block as the truck mounting point.

I tested an Intermountain tank car body on the frame.  It looks decent.  The dome on these cars were 61″ diameter rather than the 54″ found in the kit.  That is the next challenge.

Back to dreaming about my bucket list……………..


7 thoughts on “OPINION: Some Odds and End

  1. Gene- looking forward to following this interesting build. What steam era acf classes did PSC manufacture? Any word from Southern Car and Foundry indicating if they are still going to produce an O scale tank car kit? Best regards, Tim B.

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