MODELING: Bill Yancey’s Railroad

Bill Yancey has created a well exectured switching layout in P48.  It was built on the concept of a former Canadian Pacific branch now operated by a shortline called the Alberta Prairie Resources Railway.   This approach allows one to use of prototype structures and equipment but with the flexibility of a private road.  The layout represents a longtime effort to complete a functioning switching railroad.  Bill has managed to pack a lot of operation in a modest sized room (14′ x 20′)  in his home.

His structures are all scratchbuilt from styrene with either a plexiglas or Gator Board core.  This a sensible approach to having some unique buildings that speak to the region or area the railroad operates.  In his case, the railroad is situated in Alberta Province of Canada.  The elevator is a key fixture in the grain growing regions of western provinces.

Parked in front of the steel storage bins is a neat conversion of a 1955 Chevy 2-ton truck that Bill created out of an old Revell kit.  The grain hopper was scratchbuilt for the truck.

I like the fact that Bill spent some effort highlighting the lettering on the grill and the appropriate license plate.  Little detail that make the model pop.

Here is a better view of the truck. The lettering on the cab door is for Dando Farms.  Didn’t know Ross Dando was a farmer.

Bill has built some very nice rolling stock appropriate for his era.  The bulkhead flats are fantastic.

The rural fuel distributor adds a nice break from the lumber and grain loads carried on the branch.

Bill built this stunning Canadian Pacific depot.  It is classic design used the railroad at many locations on the transcontinential railroad.

Bill’s shortline uses an ex-BN GP-9 for its locomotive.  Challenger imported this brass model. It was used as the starting point for this beautiful model.  The GP-9 was equipped with DCC sound.  This locomotive is a perfect choice for a small operation.

I want to thank Bill for allowing me to use his layout pictures.



3 thoughts on “MODELING: Bill Yancey’s Railroad

  1. Thanks Gene for posting the great pics. I love the Geep and the structures. This should give me some inspiration to start a small switching layout in the near future.


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