MODELING: Finishing Projects

It seems that finishing up model projects is the bane for most of us.  A project gets stale or the right information or part have not surfaced yet.   You started the model so now the challenge is to drive it to completion without buring yourself out on it.   Like most, I have a number of incomplete things in boxes and on shelves.  I have tried to close my eyes to new things that come along and distract me but that doesn’t work.  I do try to keep a list of incomplete projects as a reminder.  It does help guide me to at least look at the stuff an decide if it is worthy of your attention.

My efforts to build a Northern Pacific 9480 series composite boxcar is a classic case of deciding to jump into this project when a friend supplied me with a copy of the railroad’s general arranement drawing.  The car has been on my bucket list for a long time.  I missed out on the original Chooch Ultra Scale II kit done by Jim Zwernemann.  He did a nice job on the patterns.   The drawing was the catalyst to build the model.  I had been saving a few key parts for the project for years.  The Intermountain car ends were expertly removed from the body by Carl Jackson.  The body was a sample of the initial tooling done by Intermountain.  The second part was the roof.  I had modified an Intermountain Murphy raised panel roof and had it cast in urethane.   I got rid theheavy frame on the backside and the cast-on rivets.  The rivets were replaced by Archer decals.

So I am now at this point of the process. The model is complete except for the final color and decals.  The view above shows the completed underframe with a quick shot of Tamiya primer.  The AB brake parts are from San Juan Car Company and the door hardware is Chooch.  Couplers and bolster bushings are from Protocraft.

The Northern Pacific liked the additional lever and brake return spring on many of their cars.   I am not absolutely certain of the lever arrangement since I could not get a brake system drawing.  I was able to pick out the component locations from the side elevation drawing.

This is a closer view of the “B” end of the car.  The grab irons are from Chooch.  I made the sill steps from .015″ x .042″ brass strips and pinned them to the sill using Scale Hardware stainless steel rivets.   The black “B” on the center sill is a marker for me to get the underframe stuff right.  The trainline routing and placement of the brake cylinder are important when building the model.

So this model is headed off to the paint shop to be adorned in Oxide Brown, proper stencils applied and some road grime to finish.  The next report will be on the finished car.

That is all for now,


6 thoughts on “MODELING: Finishing Projects

  1. This looks really nice Gene, and I am sure the finished item will make you proud.
    Regarding the “unfinished projects” pile, even the mere mention of it makes me squirm!

  2. Great looking build, Gene, as usual. I have this car on my list as well and this was very inspirational. What did you use for the coupler lift brackets? Looks like a brass casting of some kind?

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