MODELING: NP Mid-Century Boxcar


The construction of my Northern Pacific 9480 series boxcar is completed.  I have primed the model and will paint in the next few days.  Another project on my bucket list is about to be completed.


The “B” end on any boxcar can be time consuming.  This car was pretty straight forward to build.  I was able to get the cast brass brake step from Chooch years ago.  The style was used by the NP as I was told.



Some of you may have caught an earlier version of this post. The pictures included were not very good so I decide to prime the model and reshoot the model. I use Tamiya Fine Surface Primer straight out of a rattlecan.

The next time you see the car it will have paint and lettering.  It will be a while before I come back with the end product. I need to get back to my layout construction.


3 thoughts on “MODELING: NP Mid-Century Boxcar

  1. A quick edit in Photoshop solves the white plastic problem. I did it and can send an enhanced image to an email address.

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