MODELING: Jim Zweremann Builds a Unique Caboose

Jim Zwernemann is one of the finest model builder in the country.  He is an amazingly resourceful builder.  His latest car is a Kansas City Southern homemade caboose.  Jim likes to build railroad equipment from his native Texas.

The KCS caboose is built from styrene which is Jim’s favorite medium.

This closeup shows the complexity of the prototype replicated by this master builder.   Jim said that the end railings really challenged his soldering skills and patience.  The completed railing is a sight to behold.

The car appears to be a rebuilt boxcar.  The steel sides have double rows of rivets.   Jim used Archer rivet decals.  He also used their safety tread decals for the deck and steps.

The KCS was and is noted for their selection of designs and colors..  The tan body color and yellow lettering is unusual as far as cabooses go.

Jim next challenge is to build up a KCS F-units in their red, yellow and dakr green scheme.  Can’t wait to see them.

Thank you for sharing your latest creation with us.



8 thoughts on “MODELING: Jim Zweremann Builds a Unique Caboose

  1. A beautiful model. The handrails are fantastic and the transition of the ends of the corrugations look perfect.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. In the first image you can see a dark square in the styrene behind the round window openings – is the styrene layered there to build up the wall but replicate the thin profile of the steel at the window opening? Nice effect.

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