MODELING: Trackwork 3.0

My turnout project is complete.  It took a lot more time than than I expected.  I suspect that the time required for the next turnout built will go faster since I have gathered the tools and fixtures.  My next two turnouts will #6 right after I get a few other projects done.

It took a lot of spikes and tie plates to finish the detailing.   You can get detailed throw bars that tie the switch points together.   The brass throw bar requires the two parts glued together with a paper insulation layer.  It is a very simple process.  Another approach is to use Delrin throw bars.  The parts were offered by the Irish Tracklayer.  This company has been very hard to connect with these days.  Fortunately Right O’Way has these parts so contact them for information on ordering them.

I haven’t run a locomotive thru the switch but that should occur soon.  I am happy with the end result.

One down six more to go.  Lots of spiking to look forward to but It is the only way to get what I want.


11 thoughts on “MODELING: Trackwork 3.0

  1. That really does look good Gene, your usual consumate work. And building at the bench is a winner. The only thing
    I have a question is how do you account for the ballast profile when you mount it to the layout?

    • Actually I prepaint the tie plates, rail braces and joiner bars before installing them. I will touch up the spike heads and any nicks in the rail that might occur during installation

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