MODELING: Lee Turner’s Tank Car

As many of you already know, Lee Turner has retired from doing commerical modeling. However hee is still modeling but now for his own collection.  He was kind enough to share the following series of photos showing this unique tank car.  The model started out as a Lionel Type 21 8,000 gallon single compartment car.   The basic model is pretty darn nice considering its tinplate origins.  As you may remember, Robert Leners and I rebuilt this same Lionel car but using a different approach.  Lee didn’t junk the frame but merely reduced its thickness and filled in some parts of the centersill missing to make room for the tinplate wheels and couplers.

As you can see, Lee made a huge chage adding a second compartment and dome.  Look closely at the tank and you can see two double row of rivets added to the tank body.  The rivets are decals from Archer and really do the job of conveying the visual of an internal bulkhead added to create the second compartment.  It was not a common practice in the prototype world but it did happen when a shipper had some unique requirements.

Here is an old STC tank car with a rebuilt tank.  Two compartments were added the original body.

And that is not!  Lee took a plastic kit for a 1934 Ford.  The kit is from the Ukraine and it is of a Soviet-built Ford. I have several of these kits and do require some patience to build.

I have always like the ’34 Ford.  Apparently Bonnie and Clyde also appreciate the car with its flathead V-8 for rapid getaways.

Another couple winners from the workbench of Lee Turner.   We always enjoy seeing his work.



7 thoughts on “MODELING: Lee Turner’s Tank Car

  1. Some nice modeling here for sure…. the ’34 is a nice touch….. It is always fun to see 1:48 vehicles built up like that. The tank car is very nice as well……

    Thanks for posting these!!


    • Ron
      I wish I could offer you an alternative but I don’t know of a person I could recommend. It seems like the talented guys have retired or passed on.
      Best to you and your family.

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