NEW PRODUCTS: New Hand Brake Sets and Switch Kits



You probably noticed that detail parts are sometimes harder to find these days.  Changes in ownership and other circumstances have contributed to this scarcity.  Jim King, owner of Smoky Mountain Model Works has decided to take a new approach to the traditional methods for manufacturing detail parts.  Manufacturers have been using white metal, plastic, brass and even resin to make the parts.  Their methods are expensive to tool and produce quantities.  Jim King’s approach is  to use 3D design and a high resolution Form3 SLA printer to make production parts.  His first releases are three different hand brake sets for house cars (box, stock and reefers)  Jim is a first rate designer and has produced some very nice kits in S and O using a combination of printed parts that were molded in resin.  For detail parts he has decided to go straight to a clear printed resin.

Here photos of two of the three sets.

As you can see the quality is equal to injection molded styrene parts.  The price for each of the hand brake package is $15 which includes three complete hand brake sets.

You will be amazed at the number of models out there with the wrong hand brake.  Spend some time researching your equipment and you will see the need is there to improve the accuracy of your models.


Jau Criswell is going to try out a new kit to build switches intially in P48 and hopefully in O Standard.  The concept is to offer various options for the kit ranging from the assembled rail with lost wax frogs, points and guardrails to a “Full Monty” with tie plates, pre-cut ties and neat plexiglass jig to hold the ties in-place while spiking the rail.  Development is still going on so the options are still fluid.  Once the kit is ready for prime time it will be announced on social media and other outlets.

This likely to be the configuration of the “delux”  version of the Right O’Way #6 switch kit

This is a very useful product for those who are building layouts and need P48 switches.


4 thoughts on “NEW PRODUCTS: New Hand Brake Sets and Switch Kits

  1. I certainly have a keen interest in the 3D printed parts. I have been using brake detail from Shapeways for some time now. I especially like the under car appliances that they provide. The holes for pressure lines etc. are pre-drilled and need only some simple clean out with a drill bit.

    It will be interesting to see how the resin prints hold up. The Shapeways parts can be a bit brittle ….. I had an issue with some caboose steps…(had to replace the bottom steps where the part attached to the print base {sprue?}….)

    Any way …nice to see some new products……Thanks for posting these!!


    • Resin printed parts a brittle. You don’t want to put these parts where they get pressure or shock. I used some 3D parts for tank car bolsters. Did not work out. Now I have to send my pattern out to cast in urethane.

    • I’m a Proto:48 dabbler. I don’t know if I’ll ever have the space to make a go of it, but I like to pursue some proto48 projects. The turnout kit is right up my ally.

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