MODELING: Art Deco Gas Station Model

Mike O’Connell has been facinated with old gas stations.  His former company, Chooch Enterprises, produced a memorable kit for Red Crown gas station in HO and O.

Gas stations came all shapes and sizes with some following the Art Deco style..  Associated (Flying A) Oil liked this style and built many of them mostly in the West.   I cam across a picture of one such building that was located in the Tacoma area years ago.  I sen the picture up to Mike since he was raised in Tacoma and has a facination for things Tacoma.

The Tacoma Public Library has several pictures of this classing filling station.  I was surprised to receive back pictures of a model Mike built for his layout.  He created the model from memory and several Associated stations.

Mike has captured the feel of the Art Deco look in his model.   The model was created using 0.060″ plexiglass and laser board.  He designed the building and cut it out with his laser.

As you can see, Mike used his wonderful metal detail parts to enhance the scene.  Many years ago, Chooch Enterprises offered an amazing line of castings that could be used to detail a scene.   Fortunately, these parts have survived the sale of the product line.  The current owner is Rich Rands at Berkshire Valley Models.

Hope that you enjoyed seeing on of Mike’s beautiful models.  Thank you Mike for sharing.


3 thoughts on “MODELING: Art Deco Gas Station Model

  1. Thanks for sharing Gene. My grandfather’s Signal station in Portland built in the pre Korean war era was a stamped metal structure with office in the front overlooking the gas pump island which was under an extended flat roof. Two service bays with overhead doors on the left side of the building at right angle behind the office. Restrooms had outside entrance on the right side of the building. Big windows in front and the service bay. Lots of memories “helping” on Saturdays and Sundays when my dad would run the place.

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