MODELING: Lee Turner Does Modern


Over the years Lee Turner has finished a wide range of models that span the scales and eras.  Such a diverse requests from clients exposes him to an amazing variety ot projects.   This particular modeling project has a bit of a story attached to it.  I am sharing Lee’s words and description.


This project has been sitting on my shelf for a few years. It started as a decorated Atlas D&H/ New York state Transportation box car in bright blue and white. The client had seen a photo of one of these cars in extremely weathered condition and wanted the photo recreated. Only trouble was that neither he nor I could find the photo online.  I searched all the usual railroad picture sites and even looked through Guilford and Canadian Pacific pictures following where the railroad ended up all to no avail. Finally my client found that these cars were sold to short lines including many to the Georgia Northeastern. With that clue I found the picture in question in minutes. It was really like doing two boxcars with the major differences between the way the white and blue color weathered. I started by masking off the blue areas and weathering the roof and portion of the sides and doors that’s in white. The I Heart NY  must have been a decal of some sorts that peeled off, or perhaps the white band was an area overpainted to de-identify the car when sold and the lettering was ghosting through. After the upper portion was completed the roof and white areas were masked off and the blue portion of the sides and ends were weathered working from the photo. At the same the underbody and trucks were painted and weathered. Up to this point basically all weathering had been done with an air brush but for the final weathering I switched to Burnt Umber and Burnt Sienna oil paints in a tube to add more rust tones and bring the different colors together. A very interesting and satisfying project and it sure was nice to finally get it off the shelf.

Here is the starting point. An Atlas 3-rail fifty-foot PS-1 boxcar.   The paint scheme is base upon prototype cars owned by the Delaware & Hudson.

Here is the picture that kicked off the project.

The model shown above is remarkable considering the starting point with the shiny blue and white paint.

The oil washes really create a realistic rust patena on the car.


I want to thank Lee for sharing his methods for achieving the well worn look on a modern boxcar.


4 thoughts on “MODELING: Lee Turner Does Modern

  1. Bill Y. That is the first thing my customer told me! NO GRAFFITI! I snuck a little chalk “tag on the car though.


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