MODELING: Bill Yancey’s Super Models

Bill Yancey has become an accomplished builder of modern freight cars.  He developed a line of urethane freight car kits.  After shuttering the kit business, Bill has been very active building rolling stock for his own layout.

Bill sent me pictures of his latest creations. Here are some pictures of the two wood chip gondolas. They were scratch built of sheet styrene and shapes.   The former BN car was built using drawings from MR in the May & June 1977 issues.  I was hoping to do a construction article on it if permission to use the published drawings comes through.

Styrene was used to build up the side and underframe ribs  Bill used a small square to ensure alignment of the ribs.

The ends of the wood chip cars were designed for end dumping.  Bill included the hinge details on the car end shown below.

The former UP car was also scratch built of styrene and H columns.  The walls were carved up to look like plywood sheets before assembly.  The load cover was made of unbleached cheesecloth to resemble load netting.

The former BN car was covered by a tarp which was made by hammering thin lead even thinner.  The tarp was painted with Rustoleum semi gloss black then weathered.

Both cars are equipped with Protocraft roller bearing and Type E couplers.

These cars are really fantastic and represent the state of art of modern modeling.  I appreciate that Bill provided us with information about his latest models.




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