NEWS: Eight Years and Counting

Yesterday was the completion of the eight year of this blog.  That went by in a flash.  It has been fun and enlightening to share my thoughts and the work of talented modelers.  There have been many who have shared their work with the readers of this platform.   I am only too happy to share their work and to learn from what others have done.  It is difficult to pick out a few names worthy of mentioning.  All of the material worthwhile and of interest to me and viewers.

One thing that I have noticed is that the most popular stories and visual presentations are those which contain lots of finished models.  Weathering techniques seem to be the most popular topic.   Eye Candy is always a sure thing when it comes to new posts.

You may have noticed less frequent postings of late.  Summer is a slow time with folks busy doing things other than the hobby.  However, I am spending time working on new models and my layout.  I hope to be able to share some of my efforts with you during the current year.


Thank you for your support.


Photo Information:

  1. Robert Leners builder and photographer
  2. Bill Yancey builder and photographer
  3. Lee Turner building and photographer
  4. Jim Zwernemann builder and Bruce Blalock the photographer
  5. Gene Deimling builder and photographer

11 thoughts on “NEWS: Eight Years and Counting

  1. Gene, congratulations on eight years of an excellent quality blog. Best wishes for another eight years of an excellent blog.  Lee Gustafson 

    Sent from the all new AOL app for iOS

  2. I aspire to build such beautiful models.
    I do try to get the mechanics right, like a working friction draft gear for KD and San Juan couplers within scale frame dimentions. Interested? Showed it aroind at the convention last month.

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