MODELING: Build 1.5 Ton Chevy Truck

Mike George sent me pictures of his latest project.  It is a 1/48 Chevy truck that requires nearly no scratchbuilding.

The model is a very impressive looking truck that would fit in neary any layout.  You will need to to collect the following components to assemble this 1/48 vehicle:

Menards 1947 Chevy Panel Delivery.

Atlantis Models 1955 2 ton Chevy truck kit.  The kit has an issue with the front axle parts.  They will raise up the front end too high.  The axle locators need to modified to prevent the front end is raised too high.  You need to cut off the inside tang so the axle rests on the leaf springs directily.  

Gaso-Line GMC cab for Tamiya truck kit

The above parts are made in France by Gaso-Line.  They can be ordered from a French website or Wannamakers Hobbies in the US.  They are cast in resin.

So when put all the parts in the blender you end up with something that looks like this.

The edie cast from fenders required some work to increase the size of the wheel opening.  The from axle had to be shortened to bring the wheels inside the fender line.  The diecast front end piece retained the running boards.   The Atlantis chassis was fitted to the front end parts.

Side mirrors and a bumper were added.  The etched wipers were included in the cab kit.  You will have to cut a piece of window material which requires some patience.   Mike reused the kit flat bed and side fences.

The above picture I plucked from the web to illustrate how well Mike’s model captured the look.

Thank you Mike for sending your most recent modeling effort.



3 thoughts on “MODELING: Build 1.5 Ton Chevy Truck

  1. Impressive work and model! What amazes me is the ability of people like Michael George to look at all those different models and be able to see how they could be used to create that truck. The eye of the artist is truly a gift.

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