MODELING: Finishing My Type-30 Tank Car

This construction project got underway when Norm Buckhart decided to create the Clinton decal set.  A discussion between Norm and Jimmy Booth result in a joint project in which I did a fair amount of the heavy lifting.  How did that happen?  Oh well, we will have a unique tank car model.

I decided to try out a new paint made by Mission Model  It is acrylic paint with an urethane additive to improve durability.  I chose MMP-105 which is called Worn Black Gray Tires.   I s a decent color for viewing the model on a layout.  I am still learning how to work with it.

I decided to decal the frame while the tank was separated.   It does make it easier to avoid breaking details during the decal work.

The Protocraft decals provide all of the lettering to completely detail the frame.

This picture shows the frame lettering installed and tank mounted on the frame.  I started decaling the tank with the herald.

Here is a shot of the lettering complete.  I still need to airbrush a flat finish and add a bit of weathering.  It has been a interesting project that was made possible with help from Norm, Jimmy Booth and Frank Hodina (Resin Car Works).



6 thoughts on “MODELING: Finishing My Type-30 Tank Car

  1. Hi Gene,
    The tanker is beautiful and you had some grate guys helping on the project, thanks for the tip on Mission Model Paints I’ll need to give them a try.

  2. Nice looking car. I like the color, won’t have to do much fading with it. I’m interested in how to work with Mission Models paints. I keep seeing it at a couple of hobby shops I frequent, but haven’t tried it yet.

    • Greg
      The jury is out on the Mission Models Paint. I have experienced problems with poor adhesion and fragility. I am not impressed. Lee Turner bought some and had a similar experience. He did find it great for his weathering techniques. I like the fact that it is easy to brush paint because of its heavy body.

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