MODELING: My Son’s Sn3 Modeling

I recently visited my son ,Mark,who lives in the area.   He has been a railroad modelbuilder for a long time.  Most of his modeling efforts have been building HO modern equipment.  Lots of diesels with DCC and sound.  Mark has taken up laser cutting wood and laser board based upon his CAD designs.  I have included a shot of his D&GW coal tower and depot.

Mark’s skills include steam locomotive modeling.  He purchased a well worn P-B-L K-27 that needed driver work, paint, weathering and DCC/Sound.  Sn3 has become his primary modeling interest

Another locomotive he built is a Railmaster white metal locomotive.  He said it was a challenge to build complicated by the inadequate instructions and missing parts.

Mark has expanded his skills by starting to do 3D CAD and printing using an inexpensive printer.  It was a bit of a shock to see how nice the parts looked coming from a $200 printer. 

This machine uses a UV light source to harden the resin.   The printing platform is approximately 4″ square.   No 1/48 boxcars but lot of detail parts.

He created this backhead for a D&RGW narrow gauge rotary plow. The front end piece for the rotary plow was a freeware part developed for garden railway.  Mark decided to add a lot more detail to the cowl and the fland assemby..

Needless to say, I am very proud of what my son has accomplised in modeling and his life.  Besides modeling, he is a police officer and a loadmaster on the California Air Guard.


9 thoughts on “MODELING: My Son’s Sn3 Modeling

  1. Gene,
    Your sons narrow gauge modeling in Sn3 (known by many as “the ideal narrow gauge modeling scale”) is exceptional as well as his CAD designing and 3D printing efforts.
    You must be very proud.

    Please thank him for his service as a police officer, as well.

  2. Hello Gene,

    Apart from being (rightfully) proud of your son’s modelling, you can be even more proud of him being a policeman. Who stands between us and chaos? Definitely not social workers.

    Best regards,

    Mario Bernkopf

  3. Mark’s modeling is first rate, thank you for sharing it! I take it you had no luck in talking him into 1/4″ scale when he decided to take the narrow gauge plunge? It appears Mark may be interested in C&TS era as well as the D&RG era given one of the buildings that shows in photo of engine No. 315 appears to be the C&TS era restroom and storage facility which is south of the depot (railroad west).

    Thanks also for his service to the community and country.

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