NEWS: The Passing of Frank Peacock

It saddens me to post this notice about the passing of a legend in the railroad hobby.  Please view this announcement prepared by Ed Hawkins, Norm Buckhart and this author.

Frank H. Peacock

Frank Peacock passed away at the age of 77 on 2 December, 2021.  He had passed away after a difficult battle against Mesothelioma.  The disease progressed quickly robbing Frank of many things he loved doing.  As many of you know, he was a frequent participant in historical society meetings, prototype modeling events and model railroad shows.  Frank was a fountain of knowledge on a number of railroads and had a particular interest in freight cars.  He had a remarkable memory for specific cars including what appliances, paint scheme and truck types.  His knowledge was not limited to just one or two railroads but many.  Ed Hawkins shared his affinity for freight cars and all the wonderful technical details that make this subject so fascinating.  Ed and Frank developed a close friendship that spanned over twenty years.

Frank served our country as Naval officer and dentist.  Upon retirement he decided to try his dental skills working for Aramco Company in Saudi Arabia. Frank settled down in the Austin, Texas area developing close friendships with Bruce Blalock, Jim Zwernemann, A.T. Kott, Dick Harley and Norm Buckhart among others.

Dick worked closely with Frank on a number Union Pacific related projects.  Norm found that Frank was a guiding light on his ¼” scale import projects. He advised Norm on what cars to produce and to be sure the details were correctly executed.  Frank made a visit to Norm’s shop and discovered a major flaw in a number of his car projects.  It ended up costing $65,000 to fix it but was the right thing to do.  Sadly Frank will not be able to see the completion of Protocraft’s latest to import model project of UTLX and General American tank cars.

One of Frank’s passions was baseball.  He made an annual trek to Phoenix to witness spring training.  Like everything in his life, he had each trip planned out in minute detail all contained on a stack of 3”x5” cards.  Many of his trips were repeats year after year each time refreshing his memory as the best places to eat and stay along his path.  It was his analog of a smart phone with navigation.

Frank Peacock will be interned at the Resthaven Cemetery in Jacksonville, Texas on Sunday 5 December at 2PM.

We will miss you.



7 thoughts on “NEWS: The Passing of Frank Peacock

  1. Gene—
    I was talking to Norm on the ‘phone today, and he mentioned the passing of Mr. Peacock, who he holds in great regard. I never had the privilege of meeting him; my loss.
    May he rest in peace.

    Carl Jackson

    • CJ
      Frank was a fascinating guy. A walking encyclopedia on freight cars. He had a huge influence on Norm. Frank guided him away from the usual trap of importers picking weird thing and never sell.
      Did Norm tell you about the X31 project he has resurfaced?

  2. I never knew Dr. Peacock. Many dentists who are gentle and precise with their hands and eyes are also excellent modelers. I never knew this naval officer and veteran. Major, or captain, I salute you Sir because you answered the call to serve your country in the US Navy. You liked history, railroads, and crafting exquisite miniatures notably freight cars? So do I. If our time paths and locale had overlapped, would we have been friends? Don’t know, but given so many common interests, highly likely. Plus my dentist father who was a MASH unit dentist and Major in the US Army during the Korean Conflict would have found you a kindred spirit. Rest in peace Doctor and Sir. Respectfully, Arden L. Kwong, DDS

  3. For me, meeting Frank and sometimes hanging out with him at the October Naperville Railroad Prototype Modeler meets or driving together to Des Plaines Hobbies was one of the highlights of those trips. Frank had an excellent and wry sense of humor, so he was really fun to be around. And when Frank spoke about freight cars, people listened. Rest in peace Frank.

  4. Frank was an interesting guy-developed a friendship with Steve Neill, and others in the Austin area-Went to several layout tours with Frank-O Scale West and others.
    He bought a home near Liberty Hill, Tx and new how to enjoy life
    Will miss him

  5. I had only met Frank a few times, but was immediately impressed with his knowledge on virtually any subject being discussed. I was giving a presentation of the Boonville Lift Span Bridge at the Katy Railroad Historical Society convention in April 2019 and at the conclusion of my presentation, Frank immediately started asking questions about portions of the construction of the bridge involving types of steel and connections of the joints. As a structural engineer, I was impressed by the types of questions he was asking. May you rest in peace Frank and I’m sure your thirst for knowledge will stand you in good stead on your future journeys.

    Steve Nelson

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